MacBook Might Come Out with 32GB RAM

In 2016 we witnessed a release of new MacBook Pro with many novelties, for example, the well-known Touch Bar. However, Apple doesn’t seem to stop here. Apparently, the company is preparing a major, one-of-a-kind product for the end of this year.

According to a famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, in the last quarter of 2017 Apple will launch a new MacBook Pro and it will feature a 15-inch display and significantly boosted RAM – 32GB. As we all know, Ming-Chi Kuo has a good reputation for predicting various Apple decisions. By the way, he already mentioned something like that in October, having said that 32GB RAM MacBook would be launched in 2017. Now, as we can see, the release period has become narrower – it is definitely Q4.

MacBook Might Come Out with 32GB RAM in Late 2017

If these rumours are true, this will be a huge leap for Apple. Right now, there are no 32GB RAM laptops, in fact, this is twice as much, compared to the best current models. Plus, this will be a great way for Apple to silence all critics. Lately, the company has been under a lot of speculations from professional users. They accuse Apple of chasing style and fashion instead of focusing on productivity. But 32GB-RAM MacBook Pro can easily become a real power house. If Apple manages to combine it with decent battery time, we are in for a treat.