Baseus Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13.3

When a lucky customer goes home with a freshly purchased MacBook, he is already thinking how much fun he will have with his new laptop. But buying a MacBook is only the beginning. Such a valuable product requires constant care and attention. That’s why the mentioned customer will have to buy certain accessories to protect the laptop. Usually, people pick out sleeves or screen protectors but what about the keyboard? This part of a laptop gets dirty very fast and has to be cleaned regularly. These problems can be solved with a Baseus protective cover for MacBook.

If you turn your laptop over and shake it lightly, you’ll find out what lies beneath the keys of the keyboard. And we’re not even talking about invisible bacteria which can be disease carriers. Baseus protective cover will put a stop to this problem. The cover is made of flexible TPU which isn’t only very elastic but also wear resistant, dust- and waterproof. It means that even you’re a bit clumsy, accidental spilling a drink on the keyboard won’t damage a MacBook in any way. Plus, there will be no more dust underneath the keys.

MacBook Keyboard Cover with Anti-Bacterial Protection

Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13.3

Another advantage of Baseus cover is anti-bacterias skin for MacBook keyboard. The cover is equipped with anti-virus protection providing 100% protection against any harmful bacteria, which also ensure your own health. Besides, the frosted texture technology prevents fingerprints. And if you think that typing will be less comfortable, you’re wrong. In fact, the translucent material is non-slip which makes it an ideal fit for the MacBook keyboard.

So, if you’re really concerned about your MacBook being clean, a protective cover for the keyboard is a necessary item for you, and Baseus offers a perfect product. Apart from high-level protection, it’s totally clear and even comfortable for typing. That’s why buying the Baseus cover would be a great investment.

Keyboard Protective Cover on keyboard