MacBook External Battery Universal Laptop Charger

GBTIGER K3 MacBook Laptops Battery

GBTIGER K3 MacBook External Battery
Universal Laptop Charger,
Aluminum alloy shell, 36000mAh

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Aluminum alloy shell of this battery makes it extremely long lasting, tough and durable. 36000mAh capacity of this battery, charges to the fullest in just about 5 to 8 hours. Once that is done, it is made to power up your MacBook and even two small mobile devices simultaneously. Four LED lights are provided, that allow you to always know how much power is left on your external battery.
It the device does not sense any connection within 60 seconds, it will turn off automatically and turn to sleeping mode. This is made to provide with safety and also conserve the battery. In addition to that, it is made to protect your notebook and mobile phones from overcharge, overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit. The package itself consists of the laptop power bank, an AC Charger, a USB Cable, a DC Adapter, two laptop charge connectors, a multifunction bag, and an English User Manual.
GBTIGER MacBook External Battery Universal Laptop Charger is a great, efficient and powerful device. Charging your MacBook and mobile phones is easy and quick, while being possible right on the go. In price, it is rather affordable and reasonable. Take a look at this item!