MacBook Aluminum USB-C Type-C 4K HDMI Hub Adapter Dongle

Often many people complain that MacBook computers do not have enough ports for them to work with. With that, it can be very inconvenient to try and decide which device to connect first, which one can be connected later and so on. Many people try to find a way out of those type of situations. There is a very easy way, it is to purchase an extension adapter, and we have reviewed the MacBook Aluminum USB-C Type-C 4K HDMI Hub Adapter Dongle Verbatim 65282, charging mobile devices and data transfer.

First of all, we would like to start of with its appearance. This extension adapter is of a grey color, and will fit perfectly with the color and design of any MacBook computer. It is quite small and lightweight, easy for bringing along and plugging in whenever it is needed, if you are not one that want to always have it connected. With this extension adapter, it will be easy to connect multiple devices such as an additional mouse, flash drive, monitor, camera and so on. This adapter has type C connectors that support USB 3.1 second generation and will provide with very fast data transfer of the modern day, up to 10 GB per one second.

usb-c hub adapter, MAC

The second C port supports USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 first generation with data transfer rate a little bit slower, but still very fast, 5 GB per one second. In addition to all that, this extension cord has a slot for SD and MicroSD cards, that also support SD, SDHC, SDXC, and SD3.0 UHS-1 with a memory capacity of up to 2T and a transfer speed that can go up to 104 MB per one second. Many people pay attention to the fact that it states that this extension cord has a one year warranty, however it is made to last for a long time.

VERBATIM 65282 extension adapter for MacBook is a convenient item to provide with the quick and easy option of being able to connect multiple devices simultaneously. It has an appearance especially great for MacBooks, is lightweight, and durable. As well as that, it provides with very fast data transfer rates, which will be extremely helpful!

Verbatim Aluminum USB-C Port Hub Adapter