Logitech Wireless Keyboard – Mac Friendly Solar Keyboard $70

Wireless Solar keyboards are getting more attractable. Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard is an environmentally-friendly alternative with same wide functionalities as the comparable devices. The keyboard is optimized for Mac and has the same layout as Apple laptops, therefore, we recommend using it with these computers. Furthermore, the wireless keyboard features solar power recharging. Any sun light will keep it charged for 3 months in complete darkness. The solar keyboard offer you concave keys, which means that your fingers fall more easily into the middle of the crucial.

If you are curious how much power you still have, you just need to download a Logitech app and check it out there. The gadget features ultra slim and portable design. Therefore, it would match your Mac and look elegant. The device was also designed for quieter and faster typing. Finally, the keyboard comes with a tiny Logitech unifying receiver. It will stay in your laptop and connect additional Bluetooth devices. You won’t need to be concerned about dead batteries again!