Luxury Design Goes Vertical

The Vy 400R is the luxe version of the Vy 400 vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The base Vy 400 will be used in airline service between major city pairs. “Mark Huslig and his talented team create stunning designs. I knew they were the perfect choice to work with our Reserved Edition customers the first time I met him and saw their amazing work. From helicopters to jets, their creations are outstanding and truly unique,” noted Peter Schmidt, COO of Transcend Air.

“We always love tackling something as exciting as the Vy 400R, so we can’t wait to help personalize the completions with their new owners,” said Mark Huslig, President of Huslig Collective. “Great design is a dialog between the imagined and the possible. The Vy 400R opens up new possibilities for flight, and we already imagine new ways to make that experience more incredible.”

Designed for people who want to be the first to own new technology, the Vy 400R features custom interior appointments, specially configured seats, and exclusive paint schemes. Every Vy 400R is a true VTOL, needing no more than a standard helicopter pad for takeoffs and landings. The aircraft then transitions to a high speed fixed wing airplane, cruising at over 400 miles per hour. Every Vy 400 and Vy 400R comes with a whole-aircraft parachute system for the ultimate in safety.


Transcend Air was founded in 2017 to unlock the heart of the city with a VTOL airline that will free business travelers from congestion on the ground and in the air. Having taken the unique path of designing an aircraft starting from a ticket price, Transcend has developed the Vy 400 as the best solution for city-center to city-center mobility (C2CM), with door-to-door prices lower than current air travel options, and door-to-door times that are 67% to 80% less. With the Vy 400, and the exclusive Vy 400R, Transcend Air is finally realizing the VTOL promise.


Huslig Collective was founded in 2002 to serve sophisticated aircraft owners by offering truly unique designs for all of their aircraft needs. With more than twenty-five years of VIP aviation design experience, Mark Huslig leads his creative team of professionals to deliver an aircraft perfectly tailored to each client. With a wide range of project experience including rotor craft like the Airbus H-160, to industry stalwarts from Gulfstream and Bombardier, to palatial Boeing 747s and Airbus A-340s, Huslig Collective approaches every project as its own unique challenge. Always excited for new challenges, Huslig Collective is partnering on new projects with multiple Formula One teams and with Transcend on the exciting new Vy 400R.

Source: Business Wire