Luxury Charging dock for Apple Watch

BLOC Wireless Dock Luxe from Boostcase is an amazing charging device designed specifically for Apple Watches. The BLOC Wireless Dock is very compact, so it wouldn’t take up a lot of space on your table. Plus, due to its size and lightness (around 70g or 0.15 lbs), this device would be great for using on the go. It’s made of high-quality aluminium and comes in three colors: gold, rose gold and silver. All of them look very stylish and go together really well with Apple Watches.

Compared to regular docks, this one is wireless, so it won’t irritate you with any cords. The BLOC has a 2000mAh. After a single charge from the BLOC, your Apple Watch can work non-stop for a week. The battery itself is also detachable and therefore suitable for autonomous use. And it’s compatible with all iOS devices, by the way. So, if you’re looking for a nice, handy and fashionable dock for your Apple Watch, the Wireless Dock Luxe is for you. It may surprise some people with its price but it won’t disappoint anyone.