Luigi Malone – One Of The Best Restaurants In Cork

Luigi Malone’s has been cited as one of the best restaurants in Cork. Near the Opera House, this restaurant is centered near all of Cork’s major events. The menu takes a traveler’s approach, with dishes that have roots in ten countries. This is an ideal place for families, with plenty of room and staff to cater to everything you need.

From January-November, there is a set menu you can order from that helps keep the cost manageable. For €21.95, you can enjoy a two-course meal, or for only €5 more, there is the three-course option, with a starter, main course, and dessert. Be sure to ask for this menu option, as it is not always handed to customers, but it is always available.

It is also recommended that you check out as many of the added perks as you can. Luigi Malone’s offers a VIP Card that you can download to your phone as a mobile app. This is useful in many ways; for one, you can upload your credit/debit card information into the app, which could save you from having to carry around so many cards.

The restaurant’s menu deals will automatically be updated on to the app as well, some of which are solely available to app holders. There is a loyalty program that keeps track of your visits, so the rewards get better every time. Considering the amount of money you will probably spend during your vacation on food, this is a great way to pocket some of that cash, while still experiencing some of the best food this area has to offer.

As for the menu, you will have the option to try some perfected classics, or go a bit off the beaten path. Many enjoy the Buffalo wings, as well as the BBQ baby back ribs, the rotisserie chicken, the Mexican fajitas, the American hamburgers…the list goes on and on! If you want something you have never tried before, go for the Irish Steak, or the Japanese Yakisoba. There are also gluten free options and unique vegetarian options for those who have dietary restrictions. The restaurant offers some specialty plates as well.

For instance, there is lasagna cooked from scratch, as well as prawn and chicken jambalaya. If at all possible, do not leave this place without trying the homemade desserts. Many hail the Tolberone & Butterscotch Cheesecake as the best dessert option, but if you are into chocolate then Nora’s Melting Chocolate cake will be equally as satisfying. There is also premium ice cream, apple crumble, and even strawberry Pavlova.

If you are someone who enjoys alcohol, Luigi Malone’s offers a vast amount of cocktail options. From the classic Strawberry Daiquiri and Long Island, to House specialties such as the Famous Caipirinha, you’ll be able to find something your palate enjoys. There are also about 20 different beer and wine options, ranging from domestic to international suppliers.

If you are travelling with family, or with a large group of people with varying tastes, Luigi Malone’s is the best place for family breaks. The variety in both entrees and liquor are unparalleled, and many have high compliments for the patient and attentive staff. The portions are huge; you will never leave hungry and more than likely you will have leftover food for later. This restaurant values family and service to the highest degree, and rewards it’s’ customers with convenient coupon apps. They definitely live up to their slogan: For Food. For Fun. For Friends.

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