Longest Lightning to USB Cable for iPhone and iPad

To put it mildly, Apple-made factory Lightning cables for iPhones and iPads aren’t the most reliable accessories in the world. A lot of users complain that their cables wear out and even tear too quickly. It sometimes happens because of careless use but that can’t be an excuse – cables for such valuable devices as iPhones or iPads can’t let you down, they must as durable as possible. Another big complaint is length: some users find Apple cables too short and inconvenient.
So, where do we pick a perfect one? Thankfully, many other companies make these accessories and they are licensed by Apple. Today, we’re taking a look at one of such products – Noyce Lightning to USB cable.

Longest Lightning to USB Cable

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To begin with, we must say that if you’ve ever had any complaints about your previous cables, this one will be a perfect solution for all imaginable and unimaginable issues. For starters, Noyce solves the length problem brilliantly – it’s 4m (13 feet) long. Basically, that’s a kilometre (mile) in the cable world. In short, it is simply the longest Lightning cable available on the market which means that even when your smartphone or tablet is far away from the socket, you’ll be able to reach it with the Noyce cable.
Plus, this length provides a lot of freedom for movement – you can easily answer calls, write texts or browse the Internet while your smartphone is being charged. The length makes Noyce an excellent companion for any activity, even travelling.
Longest Lightning to USB Cable for iphone
Obviously, you might say that 4 meters is too much and the cable will get tangled all the time. However, this little drawback is immediately solved with an included leather tie. It allows you to keep the cable “organized” and regulate its size choosing one of 3 options. With this tie, you won’t have problems with the length because you can adjust the size yourself. By the way, the tie is a touch of luxury on this cable as it’s made of natural, 100% Brazilian leather.

Of course, cool, fancy leather is nice but what about the main aspect of any cable – reliability? And here, Noyce lightning cable can really surprise you. If you cut the cable (don’t try this at home, it’s only a hypothetical example), you’ll see that the wires are covered with 3 various, high-quality protective materials: foil shield, braided shield and outer jacket. As a result, durability becomes one of the main advantages of this cable.

Longest Lightning to USB Cable for iPad

Noyce performed very well at the bending test. After 5.000 bends there were no signs of any damage: neither functional, nor visual. That means the cable will serve you for a long time without tearing or wearing out.

Longest Lightning to USB Cable for iphone and ipad

The materials always contribute to better connection with your smartphone or tablet. Unlike other cables, Noyce ensures fast and charging along with seamless file synchronization. All of that is possible due to thick oxygen free copper wires and double-shield protection. Besides, Noyce guarantees stable and error-free connection without any threatening messages about not supported cables.
Speaking of compatibility, Noyce works with any Lightning device. That includes all iPhones from iPhone 5 and all iPads. And it doesn’t matter if your smartphone is “wearing” a case – Noyce fits all of them without any problems.

Longest Lightning to USB Cable for iPad

All things considered, Noyce is definitely one the best, so-called third-party Lightning to USB cables on the market. The combination of length, high-quality materials and, consequently, reliability makes it a very solid choice for any iPhone or iPad user. So, if you’re tired of constantly malfunctioning cables, you might want to spend a little more and buy Noyce. It will be your loyal and durable “servant” for many years to come.

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Longest Lightning to USB Cable for Apple devices