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Not lots of people have come throughout the smartphone brand Doogee, but it’s undeniably among the most innovative when it has to do with smartphone features. Doogee has implemented several features to improve the sturdiness of the new Doogee S70 Global Bands Gaming Rugged Smartphone. A fantastic all-rounder, the S70 is an excellent phone, is created mostly out of metal, although it includes various other materials too. Doogee S70 truly is a superb mixture of strong rugged smartphone and game console, that can thought of as an expert gaming phone that will certainly be a favorite of outdoor adventurers and gamers. The 5.99-inch screen with 1080*2160 Full HD+ display resolution is guarded with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Doogee S70 Rugged Gaming Smartphone discount

Foremost, the Doogee S70 includes a fair battery, the gadget features 5500 mAh capacity that would support up to 15 hours of playing. The powerful CPU together with 6GB RAM allows the device to work fast and you to enjoy gaming experience without any problems. Furthermore, the waterproof, dustproof and rigged design makes it possible for the smartphone to live through anything. Actually, Doogee S70 Gaming Smartphone is a perfect device that would allow you to improve your user experience.

A 12MP camera will ensure that you take photos of amazing quality. And it has one more function, specially for gamers. The phone features a game mode which you can switch on by pressing just 1 button. In this mode, you will not receive any notifications and calls so that you can only focus on playing without interventions. And if you live in a cold country, you would also love to hear that the device is glove-friendly. Overall it’s a high-quality rugged phone that provides lots of value for the purchase price.

Doogee S70 Rugged Gaming Smartphone best price

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