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Lots of people are purchasing a projector to carry it from one location to another or wish to use it while traveling or so! So to have an actual theater experience people are looking for a great projector which will fulfill nearly all requirements of a projector. Just as with any other product, a great JMGO projector can’t be too affordable. The major characteristics of new projector named JMGO N7 Home Theater Projector is unique design and features. Likewise the interface is direct and easy to navigate. The gadget is cooled using a fan. It bears the distinction of being very easy to use.

Smart Home Premium Projectors

Original JMGO N7 Smart Home Theatre DLP Projector would bring your entertainment to a completely new level. The gadget features a lot of possibilities that can make it a truly high-end device. First of all, the projector offers you 1300 ANSI brightness for clear display even in daytime. Moreover, the autofocus technology will ensure stable image quality on any viewing surface. This feature is further enhanced with 45 degrees horizontal and vertical keystone for correction of the image placement.

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    • 1300 ANSI Lumens
    • Auto focus technology
    • 8000:1 – 9000:1 contrast ratio
    • 1.1:1 throw ration
    • large image in short distance
    • LED light 30,000 hours
    • Built-in dual 5W speaker
    • HiFi sound
    • 3D display
  • 50 – 300 inch projection size

The built-in LED light will be able to serve up to 30,000 hours. So, with 8 hours usage per day, it would last around 10 years. However, rarely do we watch films 8 hours per day, therefore, the useful life would prolong. But there is another great feature that would allow you to plunge into the new experiences straight away. The 3D display function would allow you to watch films as if it was the reality. And the built-in 5W speaker for HiFi sound will extend it to all your senses.

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