Long 350 sq. m. WiFi distance Asus Wireless Router

We are all big internet users these days. WiFi is basically available in every home, office, and other public places. We use the internet for just about everything, and it is important that the connection is strong and the speed is high. In this review, we have chosen to take a close look at the Asus BRT – AC828 2600Mbps transmission speed and 4 Gigabit ports LAN 1000Mbps Ethernet Port speed Long 350 square meters WiFi distance Wireless Router.

This ASUS WiFi Router is offered on the market in a black color. Such a color, together with the dimensions, makes it suitable for just about any interior. The size of this router is 19.00 x 30.00 x 5.00 cm, with the weight being just 940 grams.

The router has four antennas around the entire surface, which help provide with great stability, combine with the AiRadar beamforming. It provides with WiFi up to a distance of 350 square meters, which is quite a lot. Two WAN ports are available, that have bandwidth up to 2Gbps, for the greatest possible speed. The transmission speed rate with this router, can be up to 26000Mbps.

ASUS BRT - AC828 WiFi Router

To add to that, this ASUS router has M.2 slots, for quick storage, as well as M.2 SATA slots for SSD storage. This router is also meant to support up to 4Gbps LAN connections. It is also ideal for large businesses, or places where many people use the WiFi, since this router can support up to 250 different simultaneous connections, and provide each user with great speed and stability.

All of your information is sure to be safe and protected with the AiProtection, VLAN, and with the crypto engine IPsec VPN. This router also supports USB LTE modems, to use as backup. If this router is used in an office, one can even set up a welcome page for customer connection. All of this can even be controlled through an APP on your mobile device. ASUS BRT- AC828 WiFi Router is a high-quality item, that is sure to provide with great connection at all times. One downside, is its price, where it is more on the higher end, and less affordable. However, if that does not bother you, bring your attention to it.

Asus Wireless Speedy Router