Long Beam Distance 32000Lm Powerful LED Flashlight

IPX-8 standard waterproof, makes this flashlight great for any weather condition, rain or shine. It can be submersed under water up to 2 meters. The lens on this flashlight has high quality glass, that is made to be ultra-clear and tough. Light transmission is up to 99pct, and is also made to be scratch proof and resistant to any damage.
Imalent DX80 Powerful LED Flashlight
This Imalent Long Beam Distance LED Flashlight has 8 emitters, with the lumens range being greater than 9000. There are 5 different modes, such as 120Lm, 500Lm, 1500Lm, 5000Lm, and 1300Lm. The shot distance of this flashlight is 806 meters, and provides with bright and colorful light. When the flashlights body temperature reaches 50 degrees in Celsius, the light on it will light up and flash 8 times for 30 seconds, to provide the users with a warning. Other warnings are sent out, for example when the battery voltage is under 13V, the battery symbol will also flash 10 times in one minute.
The battery pack includes and stand out of 8 pieces of 3000mAh, for 18650 li-ion batteries. Battery on this flashlight is made to always provide with plenty of usage time.
Imalent Waterproof LED flashlight is quite high in the price range, but it is sure made out of the highest quality. It is one that will provide with wide and bright light in any needed situation. It is great to have for an emergency, take on different hikes and even for camping trips. Overall, it is a recommended item.

Imalent DX80 Long Beam Distance 32000Lm
Waterproof Powerful LED Flashlight

Powerful LED Flashlight