Long Battery Life AELEC Bluetooth Earphones For Running

These Sports Bluetooth Earphones have a great design, that is sleek and bold at the same time. Two different colors are offered. One is a neutral Black, while the second one is a bold Lime Green. Made out of silicone material, they are comfy for many hours of wearing, and the ear hook design, makes them steady, helping prevent them from falling out during different activities. Another great feature of these AELEC bluetooth earbuds, is the fact that they are made with durable and long-lasting coating and seal proof strategy, that helps shield them against rain drops or sweat. No weather condition will stop you from using them. As well as that, playing different sports and living a truly active lifestyle with biking, running, hiking and so on, will become much more enjoyable and doable.
Another reason why these bluetooth earphones are so great for all sorts of activities and not only, is that they are fully wireless. They have one cable that connects the two earbuds together, but that is just about it. You do not need to connect them to an earphone jack on any gadget. Instead, they can easily and quickly be connected via Bluetooth 4.1 and together with enhanced data rate (EDR), transmit your different content with quality. Mic that is built in, makes it possible to talk on the phone without using your hands, and also through connection via Bluetooth. Once an incoming call occurs, you will be notified.

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AELEC Bluetooth Earphones For Running black color

Long Battery Life AELEC Bluetooth Earbuds
In-Ear Earphones For Running, Black Color

These bluetooth earbuds are also made to be noise cancelling, where foreign sounds and noises will not be heard. Your sound will be sharp, crisp and clear. For controlling the volume and the tune, AELEC bluetooth earphones have two regulator buttons on the body, which is truly handy. The battery that is built into these earbuds, is made to charge quickly, and provide users with about 7 hours of playtime. With that being said, basically the entire day. The light indicator on the earbuds, also allows the user to know how much battery is left, and when they are charging. As well as that, they can view the status of the battery on their mobile device.
AELEC Bluetooth Earphones For Running Green color

Long Battery Life AELEC Bluetooth Earbuds
In-Ear Earphones For Running, Lime Green Color

The entire package itself, consists of a short USB cable for fast charging, different sized earbuds for full comfortability, and a round zip up case for storage of it all. AELEC Bluetooth Earphones  offers 30-day satisfaction guarantee to their users, as well as a lifetime hassle free sweat proof warranty. This way, if you have any questions, concerns or complaints, it will all be taken care of!
AELEC Long Battery Life Bluetooth Earbuds In-ear Earphones are truly a wonderful pair, that provides with outstanding sound quality, design, endurance and convenience. Take a look at this pair, that is offered for a reasonable price on Amazon!

AELEC Long Battery Life Bluetooth Earbuds
In-ear Earphones For Running

Long Battery Life AELEC Bluetooth In-Ear Earphones