Logitech POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Logitech is famous for making peripheral devices and mobile accessories. In fact, the company makes quite innovative products. For example, it developed a mouse pad with a charging function. Thanks to this feature, a wireless mouse will no longer be dependent on batteries. Instead, the mouse will be powered by the pad itself.

Logitech Wireless Charging Mouse Pad, called Powerplay, consists of a base for wireless charging that connects to a USB connector on a PC, two removable covers with a soft or harder surface, and a flat charger module that plugs into the corresponding connector on a wireless mouse.

Powerplay uses its own wireless charging technology, rather than one of many other standards on the market. The company’s technology is based on transferring energy through magnetic resonance, which involves the presence of receiving and transmitting antennas (coils of inductance) operating at the same frequency. The disadvantage of the technology is that the charging device needs to be placed exactly in the center of the pad. However, Logitech claims that the engineers of the company managed to solve this problem and the mouse will be charged on any spot of the pad.

Logitech already prepared two wireless mice compatible with Powerplay pad. In the future, the range of compatible devices will be expanded. It is expected that Powerplay will hit the US and UK markets on August 20. The price will be $100. Also, the compatible mice G903 and G703 will appear on sale in June.