Likebook Plus Best Selling 7.8-inch eBook Reader

Boyue T80s eBook Reader with Bluetooth and WiFi wireless connections is a powerful device to make your life light and full of new experiences. The tablet is equipped with 7.8-inch screen with 300PPI resolution which will ensure the clarity of texts and will not harm your eyes. It is also equipped with a special adjusting grayscale system which makes scanned or unclear documents readable and enjoyable.

Likebook Plus eBook Reader

It also holds a lot of functions that would seem unusual, but make it comfortable and joyful to use the device, such as edge cutting, horizontal mode, re-layout and others. Thanks to this, the device can be used to read even black-and-white comics! Yeah, and if you chose traditional books over the e-readers due to health reasons, you would be surprised to learn that this device features a special E-ink screen, which does not reflect light while you are reading, protecting your eyes.

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