Lightweight Bicycle With a Motor

Biking is great, but sometimes such a form of transportation is needed for cities as well. In that case, many might become interested in the electric but classic looking bicycle, the AM1 one. This bicycle has a stylish, lightweight but durable frame. In weight, it is just 13.5 kg. Pick it up easily, if you need to move it around, for example take up the stairs, or hang up on your car.

The nominal 200W motor built in, is the best part about this bicycle. It is made to help you make the ride easier and more comfortable, as well as much faster. Pedals have sensors built in, for a smooth ride, to go faster or slower. If you want to put in less effort into your ride, then you just need to turn up the assistance of the motor.

On the other hand, if you are one that want a bit more exercise and have your heat beat a bit faster, then turn down the assistance and you’ll be riding fully on your own. Built in, is a great and also light battery, that is made to provide with 20-mile coverage, of up to 8.5 miles each way. This will serve as a great commute around the city! This AM1 bicycle is a great item to look into. It has a stylish and trendy design, while being durable and convenient. This AM1 bicycle is being presented on the Kickstarter platform. Take a look at in, invest in it, and you will not regret it!