Light L16 Unique Camera with 16 Lenses

A company Light introduced the concept of its new camera Light L16 with mind-blowing characteristics. The device was fitted with 16 different photo sensors and all of them were installed straight into its compact body. And this week, Petapixel published the photos of the final design of this camera.

The images clearly show a unique design of Light L16. There are all 16 cameras on one side and they don’t even take the whole front. Supposedly, the rear side will be fitted with a 5-inch touchscreen display to operate the camera. Also, one image shows on/off and shutter buttons on the top edge of the device.

Light Camera

Despite its small size, Light L16 is capable of amazing things. 16 cameras are divided into 3 groups depending on their focal distance: 35mm, 70mm or 150mm. The total resolution of Light L16 is 52 MP. According to Light’s representatives, their creation can seriously compete with DSLR cameras and it doesn’t require any additional equipment.

Light L16 will cost $1 699. Shipping starts on July 14 but only to people who already pre-ordered it the camera. Now, the company stopped taking pre-orders but it will open them after the shipment of the first batch.