latest Smart Gadget LG Levitating Speaker

Among futuristic audio electronics devices, “flying” speakers really stand out. A few companies have presented their renditions but there’s another one. Just a week before CES 2017, LG announced the company’s first levitating speaker, called PJ9.

The gadget consists of two parts: the lower part, the base unit, which serves as a subwoofer and the speaker itself. The latter is quite compact and has a cylindrical shape. The highlight of this device is, of course, levitating.

That happens due to the special construction of PJ9 – the subwoofer is fitted with electromagnets which create the magical flying effect. Apart from being a subwoofer, the lower part also serves as a wireless charger for the speaker. When the battery runs low, the speaker is slowly going down onto the base. After a full charge, it lasts for about 10 hours.

PJ9 also produces quite impressive sound. The speaker is omnidirectional – it plays music at 360 degrees. Equipped with Dual Passive Radiator technology, PJ9 delivers powerful mids and clear highs. The bass is especially impressive, given that the base unit/subwoofer is responsible for it.

Price or release date haven’t been disclosed yet but LG is definitely going to show PJ9 at the upcoming CES 2017, so maybe, we’ll find out more interesting details about this innovative accessory.

Levitating Speaker from LG