Alexa-Powered Home Assistant Lenovo Smart Speaker

A huge PC-making company Lenovo is apparently developing a new market – smart speakers. The company introduced their rendition, called Lenovo Smart Assistant. The device is integrated with Alexa – Amazon’s voice helper. To achieve this goal, Lenovo cooperated directly with Amazon.
This smart speaker has a very cylindrical-tube design, similar to Amazon Echo. In fact, it has pretty much the same working principle as Amazon Echo – upon a voice command, Alexa will answer questions, read news, tell about weather, play music, make a day schedule, and so on. Despite these similarities, Lenovo Smart Assistant has some clear differences with Amazon Echo Smart Gadget.

Lenovo Home Assistant Pack,
Alexa-Powered Home Assistant & Speaker
Lenovo Smart Speaker

Firstly, it has a few design distinctions: Lenovo smart speaker has a wider colour selection and its microphone at the top isn’t flat, like in Amazon Echo. Secondly and most importantly, the device from Lenovo is a really great speaker because it has a Harman Kardon edition. A famous audio electronics brand brought its high-quality sound to the Lenovo speaker, so the music is one of key points about this smart assistant. The device can be controlled with the Lenovo’s app, available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.