Lenovo Smart Body Weight Scale with App Control

Lenovo HS10 smart body scale has an attractive appearance. Color of these scales is black, while the body itself is in the standard rectangular shape. It has a seamless design, with both ABS and tempered glass material. The seamless design makes the scale more dirt free and clean. Tempered glass is of a military level, which makes it durable, hard and free of any damage. On the top of the Lenovo HS10 smart scale, there is a bright LCD screen that clearly shows all the needed information.
Lenovo HS10 Smart Body Fat Scale

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The scale has E structure sensors, that accurately calculate all that is needed. Lenovo HS10 smart body scale can calculate the weight, body fat, BMI, body water, basal metabolism rate, muscle mass, bone mass, and visceral fat all accurately with the BIA technology. All this information is useful and needed in order to keep the body healthy. This scale has a weighing range from 8 to 180 kilograms with an accuracy of 0.1 kilograms or in other terms, 0.2 pounds.
Step on technology on these scales, makes them easily and quickly turn on. Tapping on the surface or turning on a switch, is all in the past. One just needs to step on, and it will automatically light up and start calculating. When it is not used for more than 30 seconds, the scale turns off, helpful in conserving the battery life. Powered by four AA batteries, they need to be changed only about once every 180 days. Lenovo HS10 smart scale has Bluetooth 4.2 installed, that makes it possible to connect to a mobile device. Once that is done, it becomes easier to record your daily progress and track it.
Lenovo HS10 smart body scale is made to provide with quality and easy tracking of your weight loss or gain. It is trendy in appearance, with many great features. Price of it is also affordable.

Lenovo HS10 Smart Body Weight Scale
with App Control

Lenovo Smart Body Weight Scale