Lenovo Flexible Display Laptop

It seems like flexible displays will finally come to the market in the upcoming 2-3 years. The most recent example of it is the Lenovo presentation at the Lenovo Transform event – the company demonstrated the concept of a laptop with a flexible screen.

New Lenovo Flexible Display Laptop

As the company’s representatives explained, it is still only an idea of ​​a laptop without the usual mechanism of folding in half, equipped with a bigger flexible display and a standard keyboard. According to the description, the device will be made of new materials using innovative technologies for manufacturing flexible displays. The laptop will support voice commands and handwriting. Unfortunately, Lenovo didn’t reveal any details about the characteristics of the laptop.

The presented concept is likely to be implemented in the foreseeable future. In recent years, various companies have presented several prototypes of device with flexible displays. So far, this technology hasn’t entered our everyday life but its future is very promising. For example, in June 2016, Lenovo introduced two prototypes of flexible smartphones with OLED-screens, one of which may appear on the market in the next five years. As for the laptop, we may see it on sale by 2021.