LED-96 DLP Home Cinema Multimedia Projector

Today the developing of digital technologies makes our lives interesting and diverse. Many people like to go to the movies to enjoy the atmosphere, big screen and sound effects. But what if you cannot go to the theatre for different reasons? Or you simply cannot afford to take all your family there? No worries… just make your own cinema at home! How? Why don’t consider buying a projector? Let us give you a review of LED-96 HD LCD Home Cinema Multimedia Projector suitable for home theatre, as well as for home videos, photos, gaming, education, presentations, work and just fun.

DLP Home Cinema Multimedia Projector

The brightness of 3000 lumens and the resolution of 1280 x 800 Pixels allow to have quality image on a big screen, especially during office or classroom presentations. 3000 lumens is enough to overcome the ambient light in the room.

The projector also supports orthographic/rear projection and hoisting which allows to project images to walls, ceilings, screens from different positions and angles.

LED-96 Home Cinema Projector

More then that, LED-96 HD LCD Projector provides wireless projection supporting all kinds of PCs, laptops, smartphones, and USBs. Built in speakers provide flexibility in planning your events. If you don’t feel like hosting a movie party at home, you always can take the projector to your friends or outside without a need of caring a set of external speakers, and LED – 96 will easily fit into a back pack or a bag.

There are actually many benefits of having a projector. A big screen quite relaxing to watch for the eyes, because of less overall brightness then TV.

You don’t need a large space to have great home audio and video.

Besides watching a movie on a projector kind of feels special and even more romantic. Also, if you’re watching with a large group, there’s rarely a bad seat in the house because of the image size a good projector creates.

Home Cinema Multimedia Projector