Best Selling Vintage Genuine Leather RFID Card Holder Wallet

Wallets are a rather personal thing. It is something that almost every man carries and main point is, it is used every day. If what you would like is a distinctive holder that would force you to look interesting and appealing to customers, then what you will need is the leather card holder. While different holders can be found in different fabrics or metallic also, leather wallets are definitely the most popular, since they look elegant, fashionable and sophisticated and suit every kind of clothing, if it be casual wear or an official business suit. Bullcaptain leather wallet would make a functional and catchy daily gadget for men and allow to organize the personal stuff better.

Vintage Genuine Leather RFID Card Holder

The wallet features a sleek standard size, therefore, it would fit jeans pockets. At the same time, it has enough space to accommodate all your cards, money, bills, IDs, photos and so on. Namely, you can put up to 10 cards inside, it has 1 photo holder and a zipper pocket where you can keep coins or small valuable items. Finally, the secure wallet provides full protection of your personal data due to RFID technology. This means that nobody would be able to steal your information through the RFID readers. And we nearly forgot to mention. The wallet is made of genuine leather and, thus, it looks very modern and stylish.


  • Genuine Leather
  • Deep Coffee color
  • 150g
  • Length 9.5cm
  • Height 11.05cm
  • Width 2.5cm

best selling RFID Card Holder