Computer Kit – Learn To Code and Build A Tablet, Best Deal

Kano Computer Kit Touch is a best selling and a great tool that would allow your kids to build a real tablet themselves, learn to code and, of course, have fun. So, it all starts with assembling the gadget, and for that there is a step-by-step book. As a result, your kid will get a 10.1 inch HD screen, Raspberry Pi 3 core, a built-in battery, DIY speaker, a wireless keyboard, 3 USB ports, HDMI, sound sensors. Then, the tablet will provide your child with more than 100 creative challenges and stories.

And along this route, a lot of coding will be involved. In our digital world, knowing how to code in Javascript and Python is essentially a pot of gold. Additionally, the tablet will work as a normal gadget. You can stream the net, watch YouTube, WhatsApp, download apps. The tablet would suit children who are 6 and older. Important to say that no technical knowledge is required.

Kano Computer Kit – Build and Code A Tablet

Build and Code A Tablet best kit

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