POWFUL SV-328 LCD Projector For Home Cinema or Office Presentations

Today the developing of digital technologies gives us countless opportunities, makes our lives interesting and comfortable. It goes without saying that movies  are a big part of our lives as well as home videos, photos, video games,  and educational videos. If we want to create our own home theatre, make attractive presentations, get best experience out of playing video games or make interactive educational lessons,  we easily can do it. How? Just buy a projector! Is it that easy? Yes and No. There are a lot of projectors in the market with different features and performance abilities. In this review we would like to describe a type of projector that is suitable for home cinema, gaming, office presentations, or education. It is POWERFUL SV – 328LH LCD Projector.

The projection size is up to 150 inches with the brightness of 3000 lumens and the resolution of 1280 x 800 Pixels make it possible to have quality image on a big screen, especially during office or classroom presentations. 3000 lumens just enough to overcome the ambient light in the room.

POWERFUL SV - 328LH LCD Projector

The projector also supports orthographic, rear projection, and hoisting which allows to project images to walls, ceilings, screens from different positions and angles.

POWFUL SV-328 has built in speakers, but the sound quality is somewhere between acceptable and decent. If audio from a standard television set is acceptable for you, then you’ll probably be satisfied with built-in speakers. However, if you want to bring the theater experience into your home, a good set of external speakers is a must (apart from popcorn, of course).

For those who like to watch movies at night, the built in speakers along with a headset are lifesaver.  And for the lovers of 3D the projector supports red/blue 3D video format.

Of course the projector is not a need, it is something we want: football games, movie nights, live TV, video games etc. This can be a magical solution for fun and work.