Smartphone Integrated Smart Wall Calendar

Although paper calendars aren’t so popular today because they have been replaced with smartphones, there is something very nostalgic about them. But even such calendar can be revolutionized with a touch of technology.

A Japanese designer Kosho Tsuboi created a smart calendar by the name of Magic Calendar. On the outside, it really looks like a regular one made out of paper. Actually, this effect is reached due to the E-Ink display that this device is fitted with. Not only that – Magic Calendar also syncs with a smartphone or a tablet and display various notes, details about upcoming events, and so on. Basically, it is like app on your smartphone, only you can hang it on the wall.

Unfortunately, there is no available information about technical characteristics about this innovative calendar. It is known, however, that the device is a part of Google Android Experiment programme. In fact, Magic Calendar was picked for further development, which means that this project might be turned into reality in the future.

In any case, in the era of information technologies, this is a pretty innovative solution for a wall calendar. Hopefully, everything works out well.