Latest Data Apple Watch Series 3

The Internet is getting filled with more information relating to third-generation Apple Watch. Previously, various sources reported that the official release of the smartwatch may take place at the end of 2017 or in early 2018. Here is a brief review of the Bloomberg publication where some of the features of Apple Watch Series 3 became known.

According to the latest data, one of the key details of the updated Apple Watch will be the LTE-module. It will make the watch more independent from the iPhone. The sources say that the main supplier of these modules will be Intel which has long been trying to get a big contract with Apple.

In addition, John Gruber, one of the most reputable Apple bloggers, reported that the next Apple smartwatch might come out in a new form factor, which of course means a new, unique design. If this information is confirmed, Apple Watch Series 3 will become a completely new device. Before that, Apple Watches were pretty much similar to each other, so it will be nice to see something different.

Other features of the Apple Watch Series 3 include a new OLED display, an updated processor and an improved battery. It is expected that the watch will be presented in September with iPhone 8.