Latest AR technology – Augmented Reality Is Used in Theatres

Augmented reality is a relatively new tech segment which seems to be taking off now. AR is actively integrated in mobile phones with numerous apps. The most recent example is iPhone 8 and iPhone X which received the support of AR. But there is an even more interesting application for AR – it’s being used in theaters.

The National Theatre in London decided to make the viewing experience a bit more exciting by using Moverio BT-350 smart glasses by Epson. In cooperation with Epson, the company called Accenture invented a technology Open Access Smart Capture – it allows viewers to see subtitles to live theatre performances.

The principle is obvious – you watch the performance and subtitles to all dialogues appear on the glasses without interfering with the view. The glasses aren’t that simple – they come with a small touchscreen display and can be customized if necessary. The settings include the size, colour or placement of subtitles.

Augmented Reality Is Used in Theatres

Currently, the technology is being tested in its initial stage. The National Theatre plans to use these smart glasses in three of its theatres next year. OF course, there is a slight disadvantage – battery time. However, it seems possible to work on this issue to satisfy the audience. If everything goes well, the technology may soon be used in other places, like museums or cinemas.

Source: techradar