Laser Level And Laser Distance Measuring Gadget

This best selling Multipurpose Laser level Ruler is a must-have for anyone who has ever done anything in their flat. This affordable ruler is like 3D – one ruler, because it has three functions: a triple-positioned leveling bubble, a laser level, and a fine-tuned tape measure with imperial and metric measures that provides extremely accurate measurement result.

The leveling bubble is equipped with a LED light, which means that you can work with it even in the dark. Having said, we would also like to mention that the range of laser error is just + / -2mm at a distance from 10m to 25m. The device is equipped with 3 x AG13 button-cells battery, which is more than enough to feel yourself balanced and comfortable. Finally, it would be suitable for professionals but also just for people who like to spend their free time working on the house.

Laser Distance Measuring Gadget