Kronaby Smartwatch with Super-Long Battery Time

Kronaby Smartwatch 1Battery time is one of the main problems with modern smartwatches. No matter if it’s an AppleWatch or an Android Wear device, most of them work for only a couple of days. Plus, all these smartwatches are often used as fitness trackers, which also reduces the battery time. That’s why the search for a long-lasting smartwatch continues.kronaby-smartwatch-3

Thankfully, Kronaby can help with these searches. The company announced their own smartwatch which have a built-in battery and work non-stop for 2 years. There’s no charging required – after the battery is dead, users will have to change it and start the watch again.kronaby-smartwatch-2

There are four devices in this line-up: Apex, Carat, Nord and Sekel. All of them are so-called hybrid devices – they look like regular watches on the outside but at the same time sync with iOS and Android smartphones. There is no touchscreen display but users will still be able to have access to certain features via the accompanying app. These features include step counting, music controls or notifications (with vibrations or smart alerts).kronaby-smartwatch-1Right now, the watches are available all over Europe. Prices start from €395 to €595 depending on the kind of the watch and their size (38mm or 43mm). Kronaby smartwatches are expected to ship in March.
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