Great Waterproof Smartwatch for Doing Sports – KingWear GV68

When smartwatches are mentioned, KingWear is really a huge name. If you would like to buy smartwatch that will provide you with the option to enjoy with amazing features and great build quality, this is the one which you ought to choose. You don’t need to fret anymore because we chose to present you the very best affordable smartwatch in the marketplace.

King Wear GV68 Waterproof smartwatch is a great functional gadget for doing sports, tracking your daily activities, or operating the smartphone hands-free. The watch will be able to significantly improve your sleep quality by keeping track of your sleep cycles. The built-in pedometer records the steps you take over the day. Therefore, you can control your activities.

Smartwatch for Doing Sports

The reminder will tell you if it is time to go and get some activity. Additionally, the smartwatch is featured by anti-lost function. It will alert you when the Bluetooth is disconnected so you never lose it. The Smart gadget is also capable of controlling your camera remotely. With the heart rate monito, you will always have up-to-date information regarding your heart rate. 1.54 inch screen will display the essential information in good quality.

The KingWear GV68 has a lot to offer with a few of the most recent software readily available in the marketplace. The GV68 comes in a wide selection of dual-tone strap colors to pick from, and a rectangular design is a rather stylish, trendy and very affordable smartwatch.

KingWear GV68 IP68 Waterproof Smartwatch

Main Features:

    • 1.54 inch TFT screen, 240 x 240 pixels
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Pedometer
    • Sedentary reminder
    • Anti-lost
    • Remote control phone camera
    • Heart rate monitor

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