Kinglux Laser Ranging Night Vision Monocular

For those who are into hunting or different adventures, it is important to have night time vision glasses or monoculars. There are many different kinds on the market, and some are more pricier than others with completely different features and specifications. In this review, we have chosen to observe the Kinglux 6 X 32 mm laser ranging night vision monoculars.

These monoculars are of a black color and are approximately 6.89 x 3.94 x 2.01 inches in size, with a weight of 425 grams. It is ideal for bird watching, boating or yachting, hunting and more, especially with its compact size. The magnification on this monocular is up to 6 times. It will be easy to view even the smallest items without needing to put pressure on your eyes.

The objective lens on the monocular is 32 mm in size. The eyepiece itself is about 20 mm in diameter, for comfortable use. The night vision is made for up to 200 meters, which is quite enough for viewing just about all of it. The monocular also has laser ranging in the night vision.


As well as that, there is a digital compass, pitch angle measurement, pressure measurement and even temperature measurement for full comfortability and convenience during your outdoor trips.

Built in, it includes an LCD screen, that is 1.5 inches in size, with 480 X 240 pixel resolution. It is run fully by four AA batteries. The field angle of this monocular is 6 degrees, with 455 meters/1000 meters. The package also includes a storage bag, to keep it safe and away from damage, a lens cloth to always keep it clean, a wrist band to have it around, as well as the batteries for usage.

Kinglux 6 X 32 mm laser ranging night vision monoculars are made out of high quality, with great technological advances for the best viewing at all parts of the day, including night. The price of it is more on the higher end, compared to some cheaper versions, but we think it is worth it. We can recommend it, and previous users are leaving positive reviews.