Kinglux 6 x 21 600m Range Laser Rangefinder

Hunting is a favorite hobby of many men and even some women. It is not only interesting, but also brings food to the table for many. In order to hunt properly, all sorts of equipment are needed. One important item, that is on many hunter’s lists, is a rangefinder. Rangefinders can get quite pricy on the market. For this review, we have chosen to closely observe the Kinglux 6 x 21 600m Range Laser Rangefinder.

This rangefinder is compact and small, which makes it quite portable and easy to bring along with you. It easily fits in any pocket and is easy to hold, with the size of 4.17 x 1.38 x 2.68 inches, and a weight of only 252 grams. The black color that it is offered in, is rather smooth and sleek, as well as neutral, ideal for the hunting season.

600m Range Laser Rangefinder

The body of this rangefinder is covered with rubber, which makes it non-slippery and comfortable. It feels great in the hand at all times. To add to all that, it is IPX4 waterproof grade to work great in rain or shine. The objective lens on this rangefinder is 21 mm in size, with a field of view being 126m/1000m, and a field angle 7.2 degrees.

Kinglux 6 x 21 Laser Rangefinder

It can find the target in a range of 600 meters, especially with the amplification factor of 6X. The 3 different laser lenses have their own benefits. One objective lens is for observation, another lens for laser receiving, and the third lens for laser output. With these three lenses it is made to reduce the reflection to the eyes and this makes it not so harmful. This rangefinder is powered by one 3V CR2 battery, and calculates the measurements very quickly. LCD display makes the menu easy to use at all times.

Kinglux 6 X 21 rangefinder is a much needed item for all hunters. It can be used for ranging, scanning, fog, flagpole lock, and speed. Price of it is decent and affordable. Made of out durable material, it is sure to last for many years and all hunting seasons. With its compact size and shape, it will always be on hand!