Great Handheld Gaming Gadget for Kids

Great gadget for kids with handheld gaming system launched on Kickstarter. It is made for developing your own creations. With Pip it is possible to create your own fun games, apps, and control different objects. First, one can start off with just dragging and dropping, and later making real codes, and inventing your own creations. For full fun, Pip also is made to support RetroPie for playing old loved games. It is possible to code your own games, play the ones already installed or download from the web. One can change the preinstalled games the way they want to, such as add LED lights, or even add their own photos.

With the Curiosity programming environment, one can quickly access different tutorials and projects, so one can learn at their own pace. As well as that, it is easy to learn coding in different languages such as Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP, and HTML/CSS. Pip also makes it very easy to add different hardware, such as add moisture for plants, or plug in a proximity sensor for an alarm.

First of all it is important to get started with learning the screen, speakers and LED components of Pip. After that, pip provides with different guides to help you in getting started. Once that is all done, it will be easy to learn different edits, and codes to customize your own games and apps.

For even more features, Pip provides with the opportunity to unlock the Maker Pack, which opens up Pip Breadboard Attachment, PipHAT, and an integrated camera module. The programming system, Curiosity, can be easily accessed from WiFi on any computer, so downloading is not needed. After a project is created, one can easily share it on Spaceport! Pip is an item that is offered on the kickstarter platform.

Great Gadget for Kids