UhAPPy U20 Keystone Correction 2600LM LCD Projector 3D Player

Entertainment centers are some of the most visited places. People enjoy going to the movies, to watch films on large screens in high quality. Why spend money on movie theaters, when you can enjoy an at home entertainment center. For that, projectors are gaining popularity on the market. In this review, we observed the UhAPPy U20 Keystone Correction 2600LM LCD Projector 3D Player.

UhAPPy U20 projector is of a white or black colored, with the size being 3.94 x 10.24 x 8.66 inches and weight of only 2 kilograms and 700 grams. Compact and portable, it can be brought along and easily moved. Powered by the Amlogic S805 quad-core processor, this projector provides with a stable and fast experience. Supporting Andoroid 4.4 system, this projector makes the experience familiar and comfortable. 

UhAPPy U20 LCD Projector 3D Player

This projector can offer image size from 32 inches to 200 inches, where it needs to be mounted anywhere from 1.20 meters to 6.0 meters away. Aspect ratio of images is 4:3 or 16:9. Native resolution of images is 800 X 480 pixels, but it supports 1080-pixel resolution as well, where images are sharp, pure and superior. 2600 lumens brightness and a contrast ratio of 2000 to 1, make all images vivid and vibrant. This UhAPPy U20 projector also supports 3D games and movies.

Built in speaker, makes sound clear and loud, so other speakers are not required, but can be connected depending on your choice. 802.11b / g / n WiFi makes it possible to connect for transferring different images and videos. Several different ports are included such as AV, micro SD, and USB for connection. It is also compatible with many different equipment such as PC computer, laptop, TV box, Xbox and more. Lamp life is made to be up to 20000 hours for long lasting and several years of usage. Package also contains a remote control, powered by two AAA batteries.

UhAPPy U20 projector is in the medium price range, providing with high image quality, 3D support, great speakers and a fast, smooth overall experience. All is built-in for the most convenient usage for the entire family. It is also great for the office.

Keystone Correction LCD Projector