Touchscreen Keyless Bluetooth Smart Door Lock with Discount

Many smart locks are offered for purchase these days, however, not all of these are created for multifamily applications. Like all technologically-upgraded gadgets, a smart lock is more costly than a conventional lock but the extra security is well worth the purchase price. Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Bluetooth Smart Door Lock is a beautiful and modern anti-theft gadget that will be able to conveniently protect your house or office from intruders. The smart lock can be controlled remotely via app on your smartphone or a remote control that comes with it. Moreover, the Bluetooth lock is made of environmentally friendly zinc alloy which also makes it durable.

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The device is suitable for office wooden door locks, home interior rooms, bedroom. Just put it there and your privacy will be ensured. The wireless smart lock also features modern and sturdy design so that it would perfectly integrate into the design of your room. This intelligent door lock have a touch-screen that is quite easy to use, where you’ve got to type a code rather than inserting a key to unlock it. Speaking of this, this lock comes in several colors, choose the one you like the most.

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