QWERTY Bluetooth Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

Most modern households are filled with gadgets. Today, almost everybody has a wide-screen TV, a laptop, a tablet, a smartphone, and so on. Obviously, there are different ways to control these devices but what if you could do that with only one remote? Well, in this case, it’s not exactly a remote – it’s a Bluetooth Backlight Mini Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse for Smartphones, Tablet, Smart TV Box or any Mobile devices. Here’s a further review.

This Mini Keyboard is a universal controller that you’ve always wished for. Basically, it’s a miniaturized version of an actual keyboard with a few interesting twists. First and foremost, it really is a fully functional QWERTY keyboard: it has all necessary for typing text. Also, there a special touch-sensitive area that serves as a mouse and a touchpad. With this mini keyboard, you can, for example, remotely browse the web on a laptop operating the cursor with a touchpad. Besides, the keyboard has built-in backlight for using it in darkness.

Keyboard for Mobile Mini Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

This Mini Bluetooth keyboard has multiple applications. As a wireless keyboard, it works well for typing text on tablets or smartphones, including iPhone and iPad. Plus, because it has a touchpad, you can easily do other things, like playing games or surfing the Internet. The keyboard is also compatible with PCs, laptops and smart TVs as a universal remote. And it doesn’t matter which operating system your device runs – the keyboard works equally good with iOS, Windows, Android and Mac. In fact, there are special key combinations to switch between the operating systems for easier operation.

Mobile Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard

One particular application must be mentioned separately – the keyboard is a helpful assistant for showing digital presentations. It connects with projectors, so that you could switch slides. What’s more, the keyboard has two buttons just for “turning the pages” in presentations. And considering the size of this gadget (15cm), you can carry it everywhere.

Lastly, it’s a wireless mini keyboard, so it connects to all devices via Bluetooth. The range here reaches up to 10m which is rather convenient. The battery that powers the keyboard is wonderful – it lasts for 50 days in the standby mode. And it takes only 2 hours to recharge the keyboard via USB. That’s why this keyboard can be a useful addition to your household – it bonds all your devices together and controls them.

Mobile Mini Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard