Kenu Airframe Сar Mount Review

Car mounts are very helpful devices – they hold your smartphone in a secure position and you can use it as a GPS-navigator while driving. We’ve already told you about a couple of similar devices (like [+] Trip from Logitech) but for this review we have an even more functional car mount – Airframe from Kenu.

The company itself says that it’s “the world’s most portable car mount for smartphones”. Maybe, that is true. All you need to do is attach the car mount to an air vent of your car and plug the phone into it. After that, everything on your phone will be displayed at a nice angle, so you wouldn’t have to look at it twice. Use the phone to take calls, play music or navigate you through the city.

Airframe fits all smartphones up to 5-inch devices. Plus, it has an expandable jaw for bigger mobile devices, like phablets and smartphones and bulky cases. Airframe is also quite multi-functional – the rotating clip on its back can be for inserting a card and the whole device transforms into a stand for your phone. It’s perfect for watching videos, especially when your hands are busy. So, Airframe is an excellent car mount that will suit anyone. It’s surprisingly simple and yet has a couple of impressive and useful features.