Bust Budget Laptop 14.1-inch Jumper EZBOOK 3S Notebook

This notebook is of a silver color, has a screen of 14.1 inches, with an overall weight of just 1 kilogram and 300 grams. Being so lightweight, and compact, this notebook is easy to bring along with you, whether it is to school, work, your favorite coffee shop or any other wanted place. Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, that is installed on this notebook, provides all users with a great experience with all of its new features.
Jumper EZBOOK 3S Notebook
Intel Celeron N3450 Quad Core processor with 1.1 GHz, up to 2.2 GHz frequency, makes the Jumper Ezbook 3s Laptop powerful and capable of just about anything. The 14.1 inch screen, has a display ratio of 16:9, with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels, making it fully high definition. With this quality, it brings even more enjoyment when playing games, or watching movies. 6 GB DDR3 RAM allows one to easily multitask, and combined with the Intel HD Graphics 500 chipset, perfect for gaming. 0.3 megapixel camera, can be used for video chatting.
Jumper EZBOOK 3S Notebook

Jumper EZBOOK 3S Notebook,
14.1 inch Laptop, 6GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB SSD

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Plenty of storage space is provided, with 256 GB SSD memory capacity. 128 GB TF cards are compatible for easy and quick expansion. Bluetooth 4.0 makes it easy and quick to transfer different files, photographs, videos and more to other devices that are compatible. HDMI output can be used to connect the notebook to a TV or set up a second monitor. 4800 mAh battery charges quickly and will last for several hours of usage.
Jumper EZbook 3s notebook is made to provide users with a high quality notebook in the decent price range. It sure is sleek, durable, and has great specifications to offer. Many previous users are enjoying it, and leaving their positive reviews. If you are in search of a notebook, then bring your attention to the Jumper EZbook 3s!