New Premium JMGO N7L DLP Projector Home Theater

This new premium JMGO N7L DLP Projector is equipped with 700 ANSI Lumens so it clearly displays everything in daytime. It is also equipped with auto focus technology that ensures the image is stable. The projector also features a four channel LED for higher brightness. Due to 1.2:1 throw ration the device will be able to display large images in short distance.

This really amazing Home Theater Projector also has a built-in dual Bluetooth speaker that ensures HiFi sound and has a 2GB DDR3 to ensure smooth and stable operation. The projector is also equipped with the technology of 45 degrees horizontal and vertical keystone correction to ensure stable image.  The gadget also has a 3D display function to ensure immersive experience. Finally, the glass lens ensures durability.


  • 700 ANSI
  • HIFi Sound
  • Auto focus technology
  • 45 degrees horizontal and vertical keystone
  • Glass lens
  • Four channel LED light
  • 1.2:1 throw ration
  • Built-in dual Bluetooth speaker

JMGO N7L DLP Projector