Israeli Scientists Made a Car Battery that Charges in 5 Minutes

With the growing popularity of renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly technologies, electric cars are gradually becoming a very widespread means of transportation. However, there is a big problem – it takes forever to charge a battery. Thankfully, scientists are looking for a solution.

For instance, during the ongoing CUBE Tech Fair, the Israeli company StoreDot unveiled its new technology FlashBattery which can charge the battery in an electric car in just five minutes. The battery is based on several layers made of nanomaterials and organic compounds which providing superfast charging.

While many of the current trends in battery development are oriented towards greater mileage, FlashBattery focuses on charge speed. At the same time, after a single charge, the car can travel 500 km. To put this in perspective, Tesla’s SuperCharger stations fully charge the car’s battery in about 75 minutes. StoreDot also claims that FlashBattery is safer than most modern batteries used in electric cars because they have a flammability limit.

StoreDot has already used this technology for charging mobile devices. The company is famous for its super-quick batteries which can charge a smartphone in a few minutes. It’s great to see that fast charging technologies appear in other areas as well.