Apple iPhone 7 Was Met With General Acclaim

As any Apple smartphone, iPhone 7 was met with general acclaim. Compared to previous models, this iPhone showed better results in many areas. But One of many important characteristics of any mobile device is its electromagnetic radiation.
To measure mobile device radiation, scientists use SAR, a speed measure, at which high-frequency radiation energy is absorbed by body tissues.

As this question is quite important for human health, it’s not surprising that it has interested many people. In this case, French publisher PhonAndroid decided to research several most popular smartphones of 2016.

According to the results of the research, iPhone 7 showed very alarming figures – 1.384 W/kg. To put this in perspective, iPhone 6s had much lower figures – 0.87 W/kg. The maximum allowed rate in the USA is 1.6 W/kg. Obviously, there’s no turning back and Apple isn’t going to cancel the production of iPhone 7. So, always remember to hold your smartphone no less than 5mm away from your ear.