iRobot Smart Mopping Robot Automatic Home Robotic Cleaner

Robot cleaners are very useful around the house or even in your office. There are numerous diverse ones on the market, and repeatedly people have a problem trying to choose the right one. We have reviewed the iRobot Jet 244 Smart Mopping Robot Automatic Home Robotic Cleaner that is has begun and available for orders.

First of all, this robot cleaner is of a white color, neutral and trendy. It is quite mini in size, with a size of 3.27 x 7.01 x 6.69 inches, and a weight of only 2 kilograms and 100 grams. One of the greatest qualities of this robot cleaner, is that it has three special modes, dry sweeping, damp sweeping and damp mopping. For each mode, there is a separate Swiffer style cleaning pad, that needs to changed out. This robot cleaner is suitable for just about any floor type such as ceramic, tile, marble, or wood.

Automatic Home Robotic Cleaner

iRobot Smart Mopping Robot
Automatic Home Robotic Cleaner

It is made to clean up to 25 square meters in dry sweeping and damp mopping, and up to 20 square meters in damp sweeping mode. While it is cleaning, this robot cleaner has four different steps that it takes. First it sprinkles, then it dissolves, after that it shocks and then finishes off by wiping. To add to all that, this robot cleaner has sensors that help prevent it from falling of stairs, different collisions, and going onto carpets and rugs. One can also set up a visual wall, so that the robot does not enter that area.

Smart Mopping Robot

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A very handy feature, is that this robot cleaner can be linked to the APP, that one can download onto their mobile device. Once that is done, it becomes extremely easy to control the robot or to set up your own modes and settings. Built in, it has a 1950 mAh battery that charges fully in about 2 hours, and then provides with usage of up to 1.5 hours.

iRobot Jet 244 moping automatic robot cleaner is made to impress! It will pick up all dirt, and polish your floors for them to be absolutely spotless. All will be done quickly and quietly!