iPhone X May Have Burn-In Issues

Recently, we wrote about some problems with Google Pixel 2 XL – some users complained about the fact that the screen on their smartphone burned in. Actually, this issue sometimes occurs in OLED displays, which begs a question – what’s gonna happen with iPhone X? The latest Apple smartphone has an OLED display and apparently it may have the same problems.

In its statement, Apple confirmed that iPhone X (iPhone 10) may be prone to some problems concerning its display. OLED display may “behave” unusually in some conditions. For example, if you’re looking at it at a certain angle, colors may seem slightly different. The changes and defects (including burned-in screens) also occur after a long period of service. At the same time, the company assured everybody that it made the Super Retina display in order to minimize all risks and avoid the burning-in effect completely.

In order to prolong the service lifetime of an iPhone screen, Apple offered some recommendations, like using auto-brightness, having shorter auto-blocking periods and of course installing the latest software.

Anyway, so far there were no complaints about iPhone X, so this might be just a pre-caution measure.