iPhone Will Keep The Lightning Port

Earlier, Wall Street Journal shared with their readers a piece of information about the upcoming iPhone 8. WSJ said that Apple will replace the Lightning port on their device with USB-C port. After that, analysts from Barclays commented on the situation having added that Apple would keep the Lightning port and include a special USB-C adapter in the set of new iPhone smartphones.

Obviously, another famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo couldn’t stay away from this issue. His opinion sounded like this: Apple will definitely stick to the Lightning port in iPhone 8 and all devices that will be released this year. The main explanation is that the trademark connector from Apple takes less space in the body of a smartphone.

However, despite keeping an old port, iPhone 8 will support the technology Type-C Power Delivery. It will contribute to faster charging of the device. Ming-Chi Kuo added that fast charging mode will come along with new chipsets that will track charging process and manage energy consumption.