New iPhone Will Feature Smart Connector

Before the release of iPhone 7, some experts suggested that it would be fitted with Smart Connector for wireless charging. The rumours didn’t come true. Still, iPad Pro already had this technology and some digital sources say that Smart Connector will appear on Apple smartphones.

According to The Verifier blog, Apple will make iPhone 8 equipped with this technology. It will be used for connecting special battery cases to the smartphone and using it on wireless charging stations. Besides, Smart Connector will be helpful for the integration of iPhone with VR or AR accessories. In general, accessory makers will be happy with this new iPhone interface.

Apart from that, Smart Connector may provide more connectivity options to iPhone 8. Without a 3.5mm jack, it’s now impossible to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time (without using special adapters). That’s where Smart Connector may come in handy. In any case, we are waiting eagerly for iPhone 8. It is expected to be released in September and it will certainly surprise us with new features.