Fashionable iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case with Cards Slots

Smartphones, some of the most used items on the daily basis. What is one of the most popular smartphone devices? That is right, the iPhone. In that case, it is important that we keep our gadgets protected from the different damage that can be brought onto it. That is all great, but what else do we use on the daily? You are right, various bank cards and cash. Why not combine the both, with a wallet case. In this review, we will observe the specs and features of LAMEEKU Fashionable iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus Wallet Case with Cards Slots.

One of the first things that captures the attention of all users and customers, is the premium leather 100 percent handcrafted material. It is extremely soft and comfortable to the touch, and does not slip out of the hand when it is being held. You can also notice that the stitching around the perimeter is careful and beautiful, done with true quality.

TPU material of the case is one that is made to be durable as well. TPU back cover has raised edges around the entire screen, which help it stay protected from scratches and touching the floor or other surface when it is dropped. Not only is the screen, and four corners fully protected, the case has raised button covers and cutout for the speaker, camera, audio and charging port, and mute button. Actually, it is fully shockproof, great for those who tend to slip out their iPhone.

Fashionable iPhone 8 Plus Wallet Case

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Best addition to this case, is the wallet part. It is protected by a durable zipper, to keep it closed and secure. Once you unlock the hidden wallet, you can notice six different card slots, and two money pockets for up to twenty bills. Easily view what cards you have, and take them out. Store your bank cards, driver’s license, and more, right with you at all times. Although it has the back wallet compartment, your iPhone will still work perfectly with the Apple Pay feature, with no interruption.

Since we all have completely different preferences in color for our wallet cases, the Lameeku iPhone 8 plus leather Wallet Case is offered in a neutral black, bright mint, or calm rose gold colors.  The brand is reliable to purchase from. They offer 18 month warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. You can contact them 24 hours, for any questions and concerns to be taken care of.

LAMEEKU iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus leather wallet case is offered on the market for the best price. Many other simple cases even cost more than this one. You will not only protect your smartphone, but will have the option to carefully bring along your cards and money. It is exceptionally useful since you do not need to bring along your purse or a separate wallet. Bring your attention to this LAMEEKU wallet case, and you will not regret it. Find more product on

iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Wallet Case
Fashionable Case with Cards Slots

Fashionable iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus Wallet Case