iPhone 8 News, Apple HomePod

Brief review of the latest Apple news and rumors.
A fairly well-known software developer Steven Troughton-Smith made a few interesting discoveries about Apple devices. He’s been studying the new firmware for the Apple HomePod shared some details about the wireless speaker. In particular, Troughton-Smith said that the firmware for the smart speaker is based on iOS but its capabilities are slightly limited.

What’s more, Troughton-Smith found something else. Today, the developer published on of findings – a schematic image of iPhone 8. Judging by the available picture, the new Apple smartphone will really get a large display with thin frames and lose the Home button on the front.

In addition, the firmware code found confirmation of another rumor – iPhone 8 will feature an infrared face scanning feature. The BiometricKit section of the code hints at this fact. It is assumed that the face scanner will replace the Touch ID as the main user identification way.

As a reminder, according to the latest rumors, the new generation of Apple smartphone should be presented in September this year. However, iPhone 8 will get to the shelves with some delay. This is confirmed that Apple’s suppliers don’t have time to produce the right amount of components for a new device.