The Secret of Success of The Most Popular Tablet

The 3rd of April was the 7th anniversary of the first released iPad. The device, which even Steve Jobs called one of its most important creation, was met with the tremendous amount of excitement. Now, new iPads don’t cause such emotions but is it still as popular as before? Obviously, the tablet market is going through tough times. The shipment numbers of all tablets, including iPads, are decreasing. Still, Apple is the overwhelming leader on the market. So, what makes iPads so desirable after all these years?

The line between smartphones and tablets is still important for Apple. iOS developers create special versions of apps just for tablets. The situation is opposite with Android where apps just go from smartphones to bigger tablet screens. We see that Apple still cares about the uniqueness of its tablets;

Legendary 10 hours are vital to this day. All iPad generations have this trademark feature and it won’t change. We are more likely to see thicker tablets than a battery with less capacity. Sometimes, there are certain Android devices that could reach this battery time but you would have to turn off a few functions there. That’s why iPad is still a standard of battery time;

Quality-price. Although it’s debatable, iPad will almost definitely beat any other tablet in its responsiveness and speed. iPad is a perfect example of the combination between soft- and hardware, so its price is justified;

iOS remains the safest operating system on the market despite some issues with hacked iCloud accounts. Of course, this quality applies to iPhones as well but we still have to mention it;

Another Apple’s strong suit. Every time there is a new OS update, any iPad owner can get them. For example, even iPad Air, released in 2013, can be updated to iOS 10.3 and it still will function smoothly.